Barilai is a multidisciplinary creativity studio, made up of creatives, designers and artists from different areas, who interact and develop projects in the field of events, actions, art, architecture, design and advertising.

Art Direction, design, production, programming and assembly: Barilai Estudio, with art direction and design by Rocío Asensi. Producer: Filmmaster Madrid. Client: KIA.

Design and light concept: Barilai Estudio by Rocío Asensi. Agency: Cargo. Client: J&B.

Portfolio ENES

Creativity without limits applied to different fields is our speciality.

Creation of contents and conceptual development.

Artistic direction.

Lighting design, indoor / outdoor.

Audio and sound creation.

Interactivity / Programming / Virtual Reality.

Audiovisual projections on different media: mapping, holograms.

Animation and 3D.

We combine and create new techniques: sound, sculpture and light; urban art with mapping, light and programming, etc.

We cover the entire process of creation, development and implementation of any project.

Production, creative direction, art direction, assembly, audiovisual and sound creation: Barilai Estudio. Agency: Arnold 4d. Client: Sony.

Art Direction, audiovisual creation, production, sound and editing: Barilai Estudio. Through an action in Facebook asking about the dreamed city, we have created an artistic environment with light, sound and mapping, “The dreams room”.

Work of collaborators.